Our Technology

Obesity is too much fat, and the target for our drug discovery programs is human fat tissue. We have developed a unique technology for identifying compounds that have a beneficial effect, reduced fat content, on this tissue consisting of:

  1. AdipoBASE — A proprietary collection of human fat cell precursors (preadipocytes) isolated from fat tissue of over 250 individuals of various ages, ethnic backgrounds and medical conditions and which represent all three fat depots (mesenteric, omental and subcutaneous).
  2. AdipoSCREEN — A cell-based high-throughput screening technology consisting of proprietary methods for differentiating AdipoBASE preadipocytes in vitro to form mature human fat cells, measuring fat content, and assaying compounds for reduction of fat content. We are, therefore, screening the pathological tissue (fat) from the relevant organism (humans) for the desired therapeutic outcome (less fat). Added benefits include elimination of overtly toxic compounds, compounds that lack intracellular availability, and targets for which compensating mechanisms exist.
  3. AdipoPATH — A panel of assays that distinguish four fat cell effects (mechanisms of action) for active compounds: (a) Reduced adipogenesis (differentiation of preadipocytes into mature fat cells), (b) Increased oxidation (fat burning), (c) Decreased triglyceride synthesis (fat production and storage), and (d) Enhanced lipolysis (breakdown and release of stored fat).
  4. AdipoTARGET — A portfolio of assays and pharmacological tools for key enzymes and metabolites in the four pathways above that pinpoint molecular targets for active compounds.

All elements of our technology are well-validated through identification of active compounds from our own compound collection and that of our partner J&J Pharmaceuticals, and through characterization of mechanisms of action and definition of molecular targets for the highest priority of the active compounds.


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