Board Members


Barbara Corkey, Ph.D. see FOUNDERS


Michael Cross, Ph.D. Dr. Cross is Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager of Fairway Capital Management. In this capacity, Dr. Cross has lead responsibility for providing investment management services to investment products managed by Fairway, including portfolio and investee company analysis and structuring and negotiating investments and all ancillary activities necessary to complete investments and build value and liquidity.

Previous to Fairway Capital, Michael had lead operational responsibilities as COO of a public oncology company where he helped bring an anticancer product into worldwide pivotal clinical trials. In addition, Dr. Cross was Managing Director of a contract manufacturing organization that he helped build and provide liquidity to its shareholders. From 1996 to 2003, Dr. Cross held a variety of senior positions at MDS and MDS Capital Corp. He was most recently Vice President of the protein analysis division of MDS where he was responsible for various financial, operational and business development activities. Prior to this, Dr. Cross was an investment manager of MDS Capital, where he was responsible for completing early-stage investment activities, and participating at the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee levels of investee companies.

Before joining MDS, Dr. Cross spent seven years with the Department of National Defence, including serving as a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Trauma and Physiology Group, Defence Research Agency in Toronto. Dr. Cross received both his Masters in Business Administration and his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Toronto. Dr. Cross' doctoral work focused on the neural control of growth hormone secretion during different physiologic states and the hormone's influence on metabolism and the immune system.

P. Thomas Vogel, B.S.E.E., M.B.A. Mr. Vogel was previously President and CEO of the Company, positions he held from 2002 to December 2004. He has over 25 years of pharmaceutical, drug discovery and diagnostics experience worldwide. Prior to joining AdipoGenix, he was President and CEO of Arradial, Inc., a drug discovery platform company. Prior to this, he was President of Fisher Scientific, a NYSE world leader in scientific products. Mr. Vogel was also President of the worldwide diagnostics businesses of both the Serono Group and Instrumentation Laboratory, and was a business unit manager for Abbott Laboratories and Texas Instruments, where he held progressively higher management positions. Mr. Vogel has an MBA from the Wharton Business School and a BSEE from Georgia Tech.